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CLCofficeveige-martin - LI CHAORAN(Martin Period 6 12:50PM...

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CHEMISTRY LEARNING CENTER (FLI 257) Fall’2011 Period/Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Period 1 7:25AM-8:15AM Period 2 8:30AM-9:20AM SOUMYA SARKAR(Veige) SHREYA MUKHERJEE(Martin) Period 3 9:35AM-10:25AM LI CHAORAN(Martin) AMRITA MULLICK(Veige) YAN HUO(Martin) YAN HUO(Martin) Period 4 10:40AM- 11:30AM LI CHAORAN(Martin) SOUMYA SARKAR(Veige) YAN HUO(Martin) YAN HUO(Martin) LI CHAORAN(Martin) Period 5 11:45AM- 12:35PM AMRITA MULLICK(Veige) SHREYA MUKHERJEE(Martin) YAN HUO(Martin)
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Unformatted text preview: LI CHAORAN(Martin) Period 6 12:50PM- 1:40PM SOUMYA SARKAR(Veige) SHREYA MUKHERJEE(Martin) AMRITA MULLICKVeige) MUHAMMAD JAN(Veige) Period 7 1:55PM-2:45PM Period 8 3:00PM-3:50PM LI CHAORAN(Martin) MUHAMMAD JAN(Veige) AMRITA MULLICK(Veige) Period 9 4:05PM-4:55 PM MUHAMMAD JAN(Veige) MUHAMMAD JAN(Veige) AMRITA MULLICK(Veige) Period 10 5:10PM-6:00PM SOUMYA SARKAR(Veige) SHREYA MUKHERJEE(Martin) MUHAMMAD JAN(Veige) Period 11 6:16PM-7:05PM SOUMYA SARKAR(Veige) SHREYA MUKHERJEE(Martin)...
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