Lec1-Intro to morph notes

Lec1-Intro to morph notes - bound root not independent...

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LALS 2005 Sept. 14, 2009 Morphology study of internal structure of words goal of morphological research: describe and explain morphological patterns found in human languages Morpheme smallest meaningful constituent of a word meaning: concrete ( re-write ) or abstract ( part-ial ) grammatical function: read-s, writ-ing, to, the simple/monomorphemic, polymorphemic/complex morpheme meaning? portmanteau morpheme (cumulative expression, fusion) walk-s, worse zero morpheme kahe-a ‘eye’ kahe-ø ‘eyes’ (S. Barasano) empty morpheme ox-en, child- r -en am-o, am- a -s, am- a -re Affixation root main component of meaning belongs to lexical category primitive element affix bound morpheme prefix, suffix, infix, circumfix base/stem element to which morphological process applies
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Unformatted text preview: bound root not independent lexeme aristo-crat , bio-medicine, luke-warm, re-ceive allomorph 1 LALS 2005 Sept. 14, 2009 variant form of a morpheme in-tolerable, im-possible, ir-regular, il-legible 2 LALS 2005 Sept. 14, 2009 Morphological analysis identifying constituents of words finding rules that govern co-occurrence of parts morphemes: smallest meaningful constituents of words Procedure for identifying morphemes Identify recurring forms and match them with recurring meanings. Morphemes can define: Number: singular, plural, dual Person: first, second, third Tense: past, present, future Aspect: progressive, perfective Mood: declarative, interrogative Possession 3...
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Lec1-Intro to morph notes - bound root not independent...

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