Lec4-Reduplication Metathesis

Lec4-Reduplication Metathesis - Intensifier very(1...

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LALS 2005 Fall 2009 1 Reduplication Dataset 87. Koiné Greek Roots lu ‘loose’ pisteu ‘believe’ kapia ‘toil paideu ‘teach’ mageu ‘practice magic’ tele ‘finish’ geu ‘eat’ saleu ‘shake’ de ‘tie’ Present perfective: reduplication + -ka You can state the reduplication rule in words (see (1)) or as a formula (see (2)). (1) Reduplicate the first consonant of the stem and add ‘e’; add this as a prefix; or (2) C i e + C i Dataset 88. Lyele (Burkina Faso) Roots kúmí ‘bird’ yálá ‘millet’ ‘foot’ yijì ‘church’ ya ‘market’ cèlé ‘parrot’ kùlí ‘dog’ Definiteness: (1) Reduplicate the last vowel of the stem, add a high tone, and add this as a suffix; or (2) V i + V i (with high tone)
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LALS 2005 Fall 2009 2 Dataset 89. Pocomchí (Guatemala) Roots q’an ‘ripe’ suk ‘good’ ra ‘green’ q eq ‘black’ nim ‘big’ kaq ‘red’ saq ‘white’
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Unformatted text preview: Intensifier very: (1) Reduplicate entire word (or syllable); or (2) Full reduplication Metathesis Dataset 118. Ocotepeque Zoque (Mexico) Roots words in left column 3sg possessor: Add prefix y-, then yC Cy Dataset 119. Yagua (Peru) Roots words in second column 3sg f possessor: ca-1 sg possessor: ray-, then yC Cy LALS 2005 Fall 2009 3 Root-and-pattern morphology Dataset 20. Modern Hebrew Roots n l inherit qara read rf eat like an animal [not hire] rqd dance l borrow Patterns C 1 aC 2 aC 3 verb hi- C 1 C 2 iC 3 causative Dataset 21. Arabic Roots lqm gobble rb drink l q lick lbs wear xsr lose sm hear Patterns C 1 aC 2 iC 3 a verb a-C 1 C 2 aC 3 a causative...
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Lec4-Reduplication Metathesis - Intensifier very(1...

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