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ISEN620 Sol Test 1 white 10-8-2010

ISEN620 Sol Test 1 white 10-8-2010 - Name SID ISEN 620 Test...

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Name: SID: ISEN 620 Test 1 White 10-8-2010 Instructions: You may have one 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of notes (front and back) with normal sized writing or a typed font no less than 10 point. Place this test on top of your answers and staple the materials together with you notes sheet on the very back. Write all of your answers on a separate paper (none on the test sheet itself). Use only one side of your answer paper. Print your name on the top and list your student ID number. Partial credit will be given; but I want to see your work. Correct answers without proper justification, i.e. demonstrated work, will not be given credit. Also, if the problem calls for a certain methodology and you do not use that method, then no credit will be given for the answer. 30 points 1. Consider the matrix A : 1 2 3 1 A = (i) Create the matrix 1 M which is used to reduce the first column of A to the appropriate identity column. Show that this does reduce A ’s first column to (1,0) T .
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