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Using the LP SOLVER MOR - Using the LP SOLVER MOR/LP In the...

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Using the LP SOLVER MOR/LP In the directory list is the mor folder , and within the mor directory is the file mor.exe Double click on mor.exe and the MOR editor is activated; this is a small editor for writing models and calling the solver routines. You can just start writing (similar to Word, Notepad, etc.) and save the file after it is complete (F2 key activates the save process). The following is a lp model file with graphics included for a 2-dimensional problem: -------------------------------FILE--------------------------------- "example for using MOR/LP including graphics" max x0 = x1 + 2x2 st 3x1 + x2 <= 15 2x1 + 5x2 <= 24 -x1 + 2x2 <= 8 x1 >= 0, x2 >= 0 Graphics(-1,10,-1,10) -------------------------------End of File-------------------------- Comments on file: Comments are in “ ” st or subject to must be included but not as s.t. each constraint must have all variables on the left side followed by {=, <=, or >=} and a number the xi>= 0 constraints can be omitted (they are assumed by the system) variable names can be your choice such as labor, paint, dollars, x1, etc. numbers with a decimal must have a leading: 0.5 not .5; 5.3 is ok
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