ACC202 SLP Module 5 - who has priority in receiving...

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Module 5 SLP ACC 202 Dr. Glenn Tenney
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The name and nature of the organization is the American Red Cross who provides emergency relief and recovery efforts for thousands of people who may be affected by natural disasters or terrorist attacks just to name a few. The time period covered will be 2005 thru 2006. As a result of several hurricanes decisions had to be made how to manage the donated money? Approximately 2.4 billion dollars was provided in immediate relief and recovery efforts for those hurricanes. Due to the multitude of people involved and vast overpayments, many received money through fraudulent claims and many others were ineligible to receive assistance. In order to combat this, a task force was established to investigate these claims. This is definitely a relevant cost because it will affect some of the decisions in deciding
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Unformatted text preview: who has priority in receiving assistance. Any alternative may change or affect other programs. It is difficult to determine future cost and benefits to make rational decisions because natural disasters are not predictable. Another relevant cost arises in the form of health and safety services for those who were directly affected by the disaster. . A non-relevant cost would be the facility they used to provide counseling regardless of the decision alternatives concerning program funding. A decisions will have to be made on the amount of money needed to provide these services and once the money is expended, what program need to be cut to continue this care....
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ACC202 SLP Module 5 - who has priority in receiving...

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