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ACCOUNTING 202 CASE ASSIGNMENT MODULE 1 DR. WENDY ACHILLIES With today’s economic woes and falling businesses, financial services within an organization must be designed to meet all expectations and some how forecast future concerns. Within the internal structure of businesses comes an array of jobs that generally complements each other in order to function properly. Managerial accounting is vital and basically the foundation in which a business is built upon. Consequently, human behavior can threaten the moral fibers within a business and cause integrity issues they may cause an internal collapse within. Management accountants are involved in a multitude of tasks from budgeting and forecasting to designing and implementing control measures to evaluate the process of the business. Managers are involved in many decision making tasks which can lead to unethical matters. Their decision making role should be based off values to include responsibility, honesty and respect for what they are doing because the integrity of the
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