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Module 2 Case Assignment ACC 202 Dr. Glenn Tenney
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General Motors. Looking at the financial statements of the three companies and the Net Income over the past three years I noticed a positive trend. DELL INC . 2007 – Net Income of 2.5 billion dollars 2006 – Net Income of 3.6 billion dollars 2005 – Net Income of 3 billion dollars There was a slight gain in Net Income from 2005 to 2006. In the next year there was a considerable decline, approximately 1 million dollars. General Motor 2007 – Net Income of 181 billion 2006 – Net Income of 205 billion 2005 – Net Income of 193 billion Each there was an increase in 2006 and a big drop off in 2007. The trend seems to be that each year Net Income is increased followed by a decreased. 3-M Corporation 2007 – Net Income of 4 billion 2006 – Net Income of 3.8 billion 2005 – Net Income of 3.1 billion There was a significant jump from 2005 to 2006 with an unnoticeable rise in 2007. 3 YEAR CASH FLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES
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Fall2009-ACC202-mod2-case-ChavezJ-1 - Module 2 Case...

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