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As an employee of the Department of Corrections that has been assigned to help John Doe with his reentry back into society, I would recommend a few things that would make his transition a little smoother than someone with no assistance at all. I would first start by helping him prepare a resume showing all the accomplishments he has made and any prior work experience that he acquired before his incarceration. I would then help him with research of the area in which he is going back to so that he can find places that are looking to hire someone with the type of training in which he has accrued.
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Unformatted text preview: I will then help him submit job applications and give him advice on how to conduct a great interview once he is released. For his situation with his mother, I will give him the advice on how to research many different organizations that will be able to provide help with her condition. I would also inform him of the reentry programs that are available to him, such as the community residential centers, which are usually halfway houses or YMCA’s that offer ex-inmates programs that help them make the transition between prison and the community....
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