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Rodney Buckmire MAT 101- Module 4 – Reflective Essay Dr. Schek In this course I have been able to not only refresh my memory, but expand my knowledge of math and learn how to use math in my everyday life. I was able to obtain knowledge for each other the modules and learn how to put things that I do on a daily basis, whether it be at work or at home, and put it in to numbers. If feel that throughout this course, I have held up the expectations of myself, except in Module 3 where I made a “B” on the Case Assignment. I feel that I could have explained my answer better, and checked my work to make sure that I came up with the correct answer. I feel that I was
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Unformatted text preview: very successful in learning everything in all the topics. There were a few things in linear equations that I didn’t quite remember in the beginning, but I was able to do some research and learn everything needed to get the assignment completed. I feel that I will be able to now apply what I have learned throughout this course to what I do in my everyday life. I will be able to use all the functions and techniques learned apply them to what I do at work and at home to stay organized. I feel that I have achieved the course objectives and mastered them to the best of my ability....
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