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See figure 1.2 on pg 10 Northouse Chapter One Introduction Leadership defined -many definitions -4 central components - is a process -involves influence -occurs in a group -involves a goal attainment Leadership described -trait vs. process -trait: certain individuals have personal qualities like physical factors, personality, and ability -process: leadership can be observed in leader behaviors and can be learned -assigned vs. emergent -assigned: based on occupying a position in an organization -doesn’t always become a real leader -emergent: when others perceive individual as most influential member -communication behaviors: verbally involved, informed, seeks others opinions, initiates new ideas, and is firm but not rigid -personality and gender plays role -leadership and power: -power is capacity or potential to influence (affects other beliefs, attitudes, and actions
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Unformatted text preview: -five types: reward, coercive, legitimate, referent, and expert (see table 1.1 on pg 8)-in organizations two major kinds: position power and personal power-power can be a tool used to achieve ends for leaders-power(for Burns) occurs in relationships to promote goals-leadership and coercion-coercion: use of force to effect change-specific kind of power leaders sometimes use-not ideal for leadership (not for common goal but own goal)-leadership and management-overlap and similar in many ways: influence, groups, goal accomplishment, etc-management is newer (20 th century), created to reduce chaos in organizations-managements primary functions: planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling -leadership establishes direction, aligns people, and motivates and inspires-management produces order and consistency-leadership produces change and movement...
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