Class Notes - Contemporary Sigmund Freud Havlock Ellis...

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Sexual Psychology 4300 Perspectives on sexuality Text - psychosocial Instructor - psychoanalytic Human sexuality measured by: Unconscious factors mainly o Conflicts within our minds influence our sexuality Our cultural Legacy Ancient Hebrews o Intercourse opposed before marriage but valued after marriage o Women are viewed as more sexual than men Early Christianity o Intercourse opposed before marriage Protestant reformation Victorian era China and India has very well developed marriage/sex manuals Sexual behavior got very restrictive with the communist takeover and stayed that way until the 90’s Hardly any STD’s before the 1990’s - supposedly. “If I don’t look it’s not there” Sex for Procreation – to have sex just for the purpose of creating new life They think that’s where we are culturally Not helpful Gender Role Legacy – script that says men do this and women do that etc etc
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Unformatted text preview: Contemporary Sigmund Freud Havlock Ellis Alfred Kinsey Masters & Johnson Penicillin in 1942 The Pill in 1960 oral contraceptives Condoms were already invented - very thick and not comfortable First test tube baby in 1978 Aids in 1981 Clinton-Lewinsky in 1997 Scandal XD Dont ask Dont tell repealed in 2011 1991 Student Survey Sanders, S. & Reinisch, J. (1999) Would you say you had sex if? Deep kissing Touch breast Oral-genital Sexual Psychology 4300 Over 40% believe this to be sex Penile-vaginal intercourse 19% of people believe that intercourse is not having sex Thursday, September 08, 2011 Spiritual Midwifery Ina May Gaskin...
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Class Notes - Contemporary Sigmund Freud Havlock Ellis...

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