exam 2 review - Human Sexuality Exam 2 review 1 Chapters a...

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Human Sexuality Exam 2 review 1. Chapters a. 6,7,8,9 and childhood 1 2. Love a. Sternberg’s organization – Triangular theory of Love a.i. Passion: the motivational component a.ii. Intimacy: emotional component a.iii. Commitment: thinking component b. John lee’s organization b.i. Romantic Love style (eros) – place their emphasis on physical beauty as they search for ideal mates b.ii. Game-playing love style (ludus) – like to play the field and acquire many sexual “conquests” with little or no commitment. b.iii. Possessive love style (mania) – tend to seek obsessive love relationships, which are often characterized by turmoil and jealousy. b.iv. Companionate love style (storge [STOR-gay]) – are slow to develop affection and commitment but tend to experience relationships that endure b.v. Altruistic love style (agape) – characterized by selflessness and a caring, compassionate desire to give to another without expectation of reciprocity. b.vi. Pragmatic love style (pragma) – select lovers based on rational, practical criteria (such as shared interests) that are likely to lead to mutual satisfaction. c. Hendricks’ love styles c.i. Identify 6 types c.ii. Primary c.ii.1. Eros – love at first sight, based on physical arousal c.ii.2. Storge – loving affection that develops over time, is primarily affection and commitment c.ii.3. Ludos – a rover and collector of loves, very pluralistic. c.iii. Secondary
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c.iii.1. Mania – intense preoccupation with the loved one, intensely jealous and possessive, in need of constant reassurance of partner’s love. Projects desired qualities on partner. c.iii.2.
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exam 2 review - Human Sexuality Exam 2 review 1 Chapters a...

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