HDFS paper - Montgomery, HDFS 2303 -004 1 Eriksons Theory...

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Montgomery, HDFS 2303 -004 1 Erikson’s Theory Concerning the Stages of Life Ashley Montgomery HDFS 2303 – 004 Texas Tech University
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Montgomery, HDFS 2303 -004 2 There are different stages a person can be in their life time. Many people have come up with different stages of life, each calling the specific system by their last name, and these stages have differing characteristics used to identify them. Through the use of Erikson’s Theory on the stages of life, I will be using my father, Elmer Steve Montgomery, as a test subject in order to determine which stage of life he is in through a series of questions and a simple questionnaire. I had previously asked if he would take part in this experiment for this paper and choose him on the base of his age, 59, being extremely older than me, and for the reasons that I am close with my father. I am going to find it a challenge to see as to which stage of life he is in according to Erikson’s Theory since my father could belong to two possible stages just based on his age, while taking into account that he turns 60 in two weeks. Erik Erikson, like Freud, believed that personality developed in a series of stages. However, unlike Freud, Erikson’s theory was based off of impacts of social experiences across of a persons’ life span. Erikson’s 8 stages range across a human’s natural life span and can be described through the events happening during that stage as well as the conflicts which are faced. Concerning my father, the test subject, it is most likely that he is in the transitional state between Erikson’s 7 th and 8 th stages. Erikson’s 7 th stage concerns the middle adult age and the time of work and nourishment through being parents. Erikson’s 8 th stage concerns the maturity point of humans’ life span, when a person is looking back on their life with a sense of fulfillment or despair. My father seems to be more in a transitional state because he is starting to give less nurturing to his youngest children, yet still nurturing them enough to appear to be in the 7
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HDFS paper - Montgomery, HDFS 2303 -004 1 Eriksons Theory...

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