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Ashley Montgomery Bram P. Buunk, Hans Kuyper, and Yvonne G. van der Zee The Effect of Subject’s Gender on Judgments of Similarity and Choice of a Comparison Other Stephanie H. Smith and George I. Whitehead III
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Part I: Question 1. The Author’s were doing a study regarding the reactions of students to overall grades when concerning their peers. They expected to see as to whether the students had upward or downward reactions when comparing the grades they made to their peers and as to whether these reactions involved identification or contrast and if they were self-focused or other-focused. . The predicted outcomes were that students had a more upward reaction and their responses were more involved in identification than in contrast. It was also predicted that the students would be more self-focused than other-focused. They tested the students reactions through the use of a questionnaire, to which the students answered specified questions concerning their grades compared to their peers grades and how they felt about them (i.e. if their grades were higher how did that make them feel about their peers grades if their peers had lower grades, etc.). Part I: Question 2. The authors had the two main categories of upwards and downwards social comparisons. Upwards comparisons would be more positive whereas downwards comparisons would be more negative. There were subgroups under each category in order to make it easier to identify how the person was feeling, as well as to ask more specific questions to gather the information.
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Psych Paper I - Ashley Montgomery Bram P. Buunk, Hans...

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