Psych Test 3 - Psych Test 3 Attraction Relationships Feel...

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Psych Test 3 Feel good about ourselves Need to Belong People who have close social ties tend to be happier and have an overall better feeling about life. They tend to be healthier, and report greater satisfaction with life in general. o When people can’t fulfill the needs to feel good and belong, leads to loneliness Happens most often in new circumstances/situations Loneliness group of people age wise is 18-30 yr olds People who are introverted/shy report being lonely more than other people People in romantic relationships can report feeling lonely What leads to Attraction? o Proximity: single greatest predictor of attraction - its only physical nearness Functional Distance The more we come in contact with a stimulus the more we like it – Mere Exposure Positivity offset: give new things the benefit-of-the-doubt saying “yeah sure I like it” o Physical Attraction is next best predictor What is attractive? – universally Figure Hourglass figure, shorter frame Taller frame. Muscular Symmetry? Consequence of physical attraction: Matching hypothesis – in general people tend to end up with others who are relatively as attractive as they are. Cards to demonstrate. High numbered = high numbered. Low Numbered = low numbered. Social advantages – attractive people desire more Halo effect – what is beautiful is good Attraction & Relationships April 7, 2011 Have Similarities. o People gravitate to other people based on their similarities o Attitude Similarity Effect o Interpersonal Style – drawn to people who are similar to us concerning interacting with other people o Reciprocal Liking: we tend to like people who like us Want to be right What enable relationships? Attachment Style o Secure attachments
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Caregiver who is responsive to that child’s needs Trust develops easy here High relationship satisfaction reported with this o Anxious-ambivalent Attachment Clingy Jealous o Avoidant Attachment No affection given beyond basic needs to survive. Caregivers are emotionally distant Leads to suppressing your desires (e.g want for intimacy) Don’t form relationships very well with other people If do form very likely to leave that relationship after a short time Hard time finding a relationship Don’t know how to interact emotionally to initiate that relationship
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Psych Test 3 - Psych Test 3 Attraction Relationships Feel...

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