Chapter 9 - Chapter 9: Interest Groups The Interest Group...

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Chapter 9: Interest Groups The Interest Group Universe Interest groups: organizations of people who share common political interests and aim to influence public policy by electioneering and lobbying. Lobbying: efforts to influence public policy through contact with public officials on behalf of an interest group. Interest group state: a government in which most policy decisions are determined by the influence of interest groups. The Business of Lobbying Lobbying involves billions of dollars a year. Latent: a term describing a group of politically like-minded people that is not represented by any interest group. Trade association: an interest group composed of companies in the same business or industry (the same “trade”) that lobbies for policies that will benefit members of the group. Types of Interest Groups Economic groups: a type of interest group that seeks public policies that will provide monetary benefits to its members. Citizen groups: seeks changes in spending, regulations, or government programs concerning a wide range of policies (also known as public interest groups). Single-issue groups: has a narrowly focused goal, seeking change on a single topic, government program, or piece of legislation. Organizational Structures Centralized groups: interest groups that have a headquarters, usually in Washington, DC, as well as members and field offices throughout the country In general, these groups’ lobbying decisions are made at headquarters by the group leaders Confederations: interest groups made up of several independent, local organizations that provide much of their funding and hold most of the power. Staff Revolving door: a term describing the movement of individuals from government positions to jobs with interest groups or lobbying firms, and vice versa.
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9: Interest Groups The Interest Group...

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