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Jan. 21st- Test 1 - and the process of adding the solutes...

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I. The Process of Water Movement in the xylem of the stems to the leaf cells a. What happens in the leaf? a.i. Light stimulates the guard cells to accumulate K + and become turgid opening the stomata. a.i.1.a. Lower Psi by lowering the purity of the H 2 O by adding solute (K + , Cl - , and Sucrose) into the cell. a.i.1.a.i. Potassium and Chloride from the exterior, and Sucrose from both the exterior and the interior {SEE FIGURE 36-17} a.i.1.b. Guard cells are photosynthetic cells that use starch
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Unformatted text preview: and the process of adding the solutes to the cell to lower water potential is an ATP dependent process a.i.2. The process of H 2 O loss from the leaf lowers the Psi of the leaf cells. a.i.2.a. Tension develops in the water column at the mesophyll cell surface lowering water potential along with the loss of H 2 O II. Growing areas of the plant are places where low water potential is seen and water can be moving into these growing plants as well....
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