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Syllabus - Spring 2011 Life Span Human Development HDFS 2303-004 (26805) Department of Human Development and Family Studies College of Human Sciences - Texas Tech University Instructor Gail Bentley, M.Ed., LPC-S Office: Human Sciences Building, Room 302 Office Hours: Thursday, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 pm, and by appointment Telephone: 742-3000 x 293; do not leave messages at this number, they will not be retrieved e-mail [email protected] this is the best way to contact me . Teaching Assistant Josie Hunt Office: Human Sciences Building, Canyon Room Office Hours: Thursday, 11am to noon, and by appointment e-mail [email protected] Class Meeting Section 004 – 6-8:50 p.m. Thursday Human Sciences, Rm. 111 Text & Required Materials Life-Span Development, 5th edition , by John W. Santrock, McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0073382647 www.mhhe.com/santrockldt5e Students must have access to eLearning at www.raiderlink.ttu.edu Students must have access to Blackboard, www.blackboard.ttu.edu Students must supply their own orange scantron sheets for each exam. Course Description An introduction to the theories, processes, and enhancement of development for infants, young children, adolescents, and adults. Course Purpose This course is typically the first course that students take in the department of Human Development and Family Studies. As such, it provides an overview or introduction to human development, and its breadth includes the entire lifespan. This course is one of the core curriculum courses taken by all Bachelor of Science majors in HDFS. The course also fulfills a core social and behavioral science requirement for the university in individual or group behavior. Students take this course to learn ways in which development continues beyond childhood. They also take it to learn about the complexity of development. Knowledge that students should take from this course include a better understanding of change mechanisms in themselves and in others; and skills include the integration of information from several domains across the lifespan. This course is important to take because its focus is on the “big picture” that may help students in future courses which focus on a narrow age range or content area. Also, all of us are on a lifespan development journey and this course represents one way to see where we have been as individuals and where we might be going. Competence Statement for the Social and Behavioral Sciences Students graduating from Texas Tech University should be able to demonstrate the ability to assess critically claims about social issues, human behavior, and diversity in human experiences.
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Expected Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify and describe major systems of understanding and theories of the processes of development. 2. Identify and define basic terms and concepts which are needed for more advanced/detailed
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2303-004_Syllabus_2011_Spring - Syllabus Spring 2011 Life...

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