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SOIL AND WATER SCIENCE: LABORATORY METHODS SOIL PHYSICS COMPONENT Website:http// Course Topics: Lectures 1. Soil Parameters Relationship between water content (by volume and weight), bulk density, and particle density Soil water content: determination of gravimetric and volumetric water content. Tools for soil water content and matric potential determinations. Soil moisture release curves. Particle density: total porosity and bulk density as determinants of particle density. 2. Water Movement in Soils: Water Content and Potential Gravitational potential, matric potential, total potential, and the gradient (force for water movement) Darcy’s equation
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Unformatted text preview: • Principles of the Mariotte device: maintaining constant hydraulic head • Determination of the saturated hydraulic conductivity (K sat ); Use of saturated conductivity data to determine intrinsic permeability. Laboratory Experiments: 1. Lab-1: Determination of soil particle density (video and spreadsheet) 2. Lab-2: Demonstration of the Mariotte Device Principles (video and spreadsheet) 3. Lab-3: Demonstration of devices for measuring water content and potential 4. Lab-4. Demonstration of equipment for measuring Soil Moisture Release Curves 5. Lab-5: Demonstration of measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity of Soils (Video and spreadsheet)....
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