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SOIL AND WATER SCIENCE LABORATORY METHODS SOS 6932 Table of Contents Item Description Course description Lectures and laboratory experiments Lecture 1 Soil as a porous medium:17 slides Lecture-Lab-2 Particle density: 8 slides Lecture 3 Soil water potential and water movement: 21 slides Lecture 4 Darcy’s law concepts: 13 slides Soil Physics laboratory experiments Instructions for writing lab reports Lab1-Soil sampling and determination of bulk density Outline-3 pages. Lab-1 assignment: water content and bulk density calculations. See Excel spreadsheet (Lab-1 water content and bulk density) for data. Lab2-Particle density (see lecture 2)
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Unformatted text preview: Lab-2 assignment. See Excel spreadsheet (Lab-2-Particle density for data and calculations). Lb3-Demonstration of devices for measuring water content and potential In the lab Lab4-Determination of saturated soil hydraulic conductivity and total porosity of undisturbed soil cores Lab-4 assignment. See Excel spreadsheet (Lab4 data-Ksat-calculated-2006) for data Lab5-Marriotte device See handout Videos See Website: http// Lab I : Soil sampling View before lab Lab II: Particle density View before lab Lab III. Mariotte device View before lab Lab IV: Hydraulic conductivity View before lab...
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