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Review Questions Chapter 8 Terminology Employee orientation: a procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm and the job. Reality shock: discrepancy between new employee’s expectations and reality Socialization: the ongoing process of installing in all employees the prevailing attitudes , standard, values , and patterns of behaviors that are expected by the organization. Task analysis: a detailed study of a job to identify the skills and competencies it requires so that an appropriate training program can be instituted. --list tasks: --when and how often performed ---quantity and quality of performance --conditions under which performed ---competencies required ---where best learned Training: the process of teaching employees the basic skills /competencies that they need to perform their jobs. Performance analysis: verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining whether that deficiency should be rectified through training or through some other means. Transfer of training; application of skills acquired during the training program into the
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Chapter_8___9_Review_questions - Review Questions Chapter 8...

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