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Chapter_4___5_Review - Chapter 4 Terminology Job group of...

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Chapter 4 Terminology Job: ¨group of related activities/duties for one or more employees Job analysis is a procedure for determining: --Tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job ---Human attributes (i.e., KSAs) required to perform a job Job description: ---Describes what job holder does, how he/she does it, and under what conditions ---Strongly recommended, but not legally required Job design: ¨process of organizing work into tasks required for a job NOC: national occupational classification Organizational structure: bureaucratic; flat; boundaryless Position: collection of tasks, performed by one person. Ergonomics: an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to integrate and accommodate the physical needs of workers into the design of jobs. It aims to adapt the entire job system—the work , environment, machines , equipment, and processes-to match human characteristics. 1. What is the difference between job enrichment and job enlargement? Job enlargement ( horizontal loading) : a technique to relieve monotony and boredom that involves assigning workers additional tasks at the same level of responsibility to increase the number of tasks they have to perform.
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