Chapter_2___3_Review - Chapter 2 Review Terminology BFOR:...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Review Terminology BFOR: bona fide occupational requirement Discrimination: distinction, exclusion or preference based on a prohibited ground nullifies or impairs an employees rights to full and equal recognition and exercise of human rights and freedoms. Harassment: unwelcome behavors that demeans, humiliates a person and that a person ought to be known would be unwelcome. Reasonable accommodation: the adjustment of employment policies so that no individual is denied benefits, disadvantaged in employment, prevented from carrying out a job based on prohibited grounds. Undue Hardship: employers must accommodate to the point of undue hardship = point where cost or health and safety risks make accommodation impossible Diversity management: broader/more inclusive than employment equity a set of activities designed to:-- integrate all employees in multicultural workforce---use diversity to enhance organizations effectiveness Employment equity: federal Employment Equity Act --based on Charter of Rights---proclaimed in 1987, amended in 1995----protects women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal...
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Chapter_2___3_Review - Chapter 2 Review Terminology BFOR:...

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