Chapter_1_Review - suppliers and/ or competitors. true or...

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Chapter 1 Review Terminology Definitions: Employee engagement: emotional and intellectual involvement of employees in their work. Environmental scanning: identifying and analyzing external opportunities and threats that may be crucial to the organization[s success. Human relations movement: concern for people. ( a management philosophy based on the belief that the attitudes and feelings of workers are important and deserve more attention. Human resources movement: concern for people and productivity( a management philosophy focusing on concern for people and productivity) Organizational climate: prevailing atmosphere that exists in an organization and its impact on employees. Organizational culture: core values, beliefs and assumptions shared by members of an organization. 1. HR responsibilities have shifted from operation to strategic, which involved formulating and executing organizational strategy - true or false 2. Boundaryless organization structures involve relationships with customers,
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Unformatted text preview: suppliers and/ or competitors. true or false 3. The knowledge, education, training, skills and expertise of a firms workers is known as __human capital ______. 4. The prevailing atmosphere or internal weather that exists in an organization and its impact on the employees is ___organizational climate ______. 5. Describe the difference between organizational culture and organizational climate? 1. the first one focuses on values shared by members of orgaizaions and the second on focus on the impact of the prevailing atmosphere in an organization. 6. What is the Sandwich Generation? Sandwich generation: individuals with responsibility for rearing young dependents as well as for assisting elderly relatives who are no longer capable of functioning totally independently. 7. Ethical Dilemma Page. 11 8. Critical Question Chapter 1 pg. 21...
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Chapter_1_Review - suppliers and/ or competitors. true or...

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