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CHAPTER_10__11_REVIEW - Review Chapter 11 Terminology 1...

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CHAPTER 10 REVIEW Terminology: 1. Halo effect 2. Recency effect 3. Performance management 4. Alternation Ranking method 5. BARS 6. MBO 7. Describe the 3 steps in appraising performance. 8. What are the four key factors in conducting an appraisal interview? 9. What are the three types of appraisal interview? 10. What are the legal ramifications of performance appraisal?
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Unformatted text preview: Review Chapter 11 Terminology: 1. Benchmark job 2. Classification 3. Job evaluation 4. Pay equity 5. Point method 6. Ranking method 7. Total rewards 8. What are the 5 components of total rewards? 9. What’s the difference between core, functional and behavioural competencies? 10. What are the four methods of job evaluation?...
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