IBUSEXAM4 - 1 Marks: 3 When the licensor fully investigates...

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1 Marks: 3 When the licensor fully investigates market opportunities and the abilities of its licensees, licensing has a relatively low financial risk. Answer: True Sophisticated MNEs develop a talent pool of skilled global managers by developing a database of managers with specific skills and grooming managers with various international qualifications. Answer: True Which of the following industries is categorized as multi-domestic? Choose one answer. b. clothing Companies often take one of two approaches to preparing employees for international assignments: designing a predeparture training program to either transfer specific and specialized knowledge about the foreign environment or designing a predeparture training program to ________. d. develop interpersonal awareness and adaptability in the context of intensive cultural sensitivity training Companies have found that superior human resources are instrumental to improving their ability to create and sustain competitive advantage. Answer: True An organization’s international strategy should support managers in doing all of the following except ________. c. emphasize day-to-day operations A (an) __________ is characterized by corporate control over country operations in an attempt to increase efficiency and integration. Choose one answer. a. Global strategy The most common choice of an initial entry mode is Choose one answer. b. Multinational c. Horizontal FDI d. exporting e. licensing ________ are those factors that affect the desirability of host country production relative to home country production. Choose one answer.
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a. Resource availabilities b. Ownership advantages c. Location advantages d. Internalization advantages Which of the following is an advantage of foreign direct investment? Choose one answer. a. vulnerability to restrictions on foreign investment b. high financial investments d. high exposure to political risk e. high profit potential Which entry mode is used frequently by pharmaceutical firms? Choose one answer. a. licensing Liability of foreignness refers to the internalization advantages that make it desirable to produce a good or service in-house. False Efficiency refers to emphasizing consensus-based decisions making and problem solving, in which managers readily share their knowledge. Answer:
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IBUSEXAM4 - 1 Marks: 3 When the licensor fully investigates...

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