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ibusexam2 - Which of the following terms is used to refer...

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Which of the following terms is used to refer to a collaborative venture which results in a new legal entity? d. joint venture Extensive government ownership of assets in centrally planned and mixed economies tends to result in ________. d. all of these When we combine newly industrialized countries with countries that have the potential to become newly industrialized, we arrive at a category called ________. Choose one answer. a. developed countries b. emerging markets c. emerging developing countries d. newly industrialized countries Joint ventures are a fundamental method of entering a foreign market with enough capital and resources to ensure the success of participating firms. Answer: False Which of the following was the analysis revealed by the Leontief paradox in the 1950s? Choose one answer. e. Despite having abundant capital, the U.S. was exporting labor-intensive goods. Modern business executives use the term comparative advantage when referring to the assets of individual firms. False All of the following are typical examples of ownership-specific advantages except ________. C b. natural resources Volunteer work and unpaid household work are both counted in GNP and GDP. Answer: False In a free market economy, the ___________________ defines what is produced, in what quantity, and at what price. b. The “invisible hand” of supply-and-demand market forces Which of the following statements best depicts the main differences between mixed and state-directed economies? Choose one answer.
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a. Free Markets -- Mixed economies enjoy a healthy blend of competition mixed with private ownership that best creates Porter-like diamonds of absolute advantage b. Focus and Competition -- State-directed economies focus on achieving success in targeting industries for external global growth via competition among subsidized local firms d. Ownership -- in State-Directed Economies with industrial policies in effect the Sate will own industries that society deems too important to be left in the hands of private capital e. Market Share -- Mixed economies tend to have greater market share than do firms from state-directed economies Which of the following is most important for managers to consider when determining an FDI location?
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