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Unformatted text preview: E IBUSOSZOOLFLIR: QutZ 1 7 Mozilla Firefox \El srsuedu httosw earn srsu sdu/nodtqu zrreu ev. Jhu’atte'mtzl7932 staned on Saturday, September 3, 2011, 06-44 PM Comptetea on Saturday. September 3, 2011, 07:03 PM Tttnetaken 1s mtns 32 secs Grade 6 out ota maximum ot10 (60%) 1 Wntch ottne fottowtng BEST accounts tor the comptextty ofdotng bustness tnternattonatty as compared to dotng bustness domesttcatly? Mm 1 » Choose one answer . 1 a Mutttpte enwonrnents wtth dttferent tegat, soctat, cutturat, and economtc systems J b Recesstonarytnttuences, unemptoyment tevets, exchange rates 1 c tnternattonat, Gtobat, Mutttnattonat and Transnattonat Corporattons att sompettngtorthe same customers )1 d There are no dttverences tn dotng bustness domesttcatty uersus tnternattonatty as even domesttc firms must deat wtth competttton trom toretgn firms Expumng tnto thetr domesttc markets or even operattng there to producegoods and servtces thedomesttc firm must compete wtth x e Att ofthese equaHy account torthe comptextty otdotng tnternattonatty_ a “, we locus on five keytactors geographtc, pottttcat, tegat, behanorat, and economtc ,that may require cornpantes, ttthey are to operate etfictently, to atter howthey operate abroad compared to howthey operate domesticatty “ (Textbuuk Reader page 30, 'Pnystcat and Soctat Factors‘) v Correct Marks forthts suhmtsston 1/1 2 Wntch ottne fottowtng best defines tnternattonat bustness° Mm 1 Choose one answer a tt tnctudes att bustness transacttons tnvotnng two or more countrtes_whetherthe transacttons areconducted by private or guvammefital organtzattons ./ b tt tnctudes att prtuate economtc fiows between two or more countrtes ,. c tt tnstudes att pubttc economtc t1ows between two or more countnes, ,t d tt tnctudes att bustness transacttons tn countrtes other than your home country ,1 . 1 e Anyuatue creatton achme that crosses two or more borders x “, alt otthese connections between suppttes and markets resutt from the acttnttes ot tnternattonat bustness, whtch constst ot atI comerciat transacttons - tnctudtng sates, tnuestments, and transponatton - that take ptace between two or more countnes Prwate compantes undertake such transacttons tor profit, governments may undertake them etther for profit ortor pottttcat reasons.“ (Textbook Reader page 23, What ts tnternattonat Bustness‘) 23 tncorrect Marks forthts submtsston 0/1 3 Wntch ottne fottowtng ts NOT one otttte “Four Cs“ ottnternattonat Bustness Rtstc° um 1 Choose one answer a Country I v E IBUSOS300LF11F€ Qutz 1 7 Mozilla Firefox \IEI stsu edu hues/t earn stsu sdu/nod/qu zrreu so. Jhu’atte'mt:17§32 \ Mark5 YDHms SUDMtSStDH: U W. A a Whtch UHHE quuwmg 15 NOT Ema 01th! “Fuur Cs“ 0' tntzmatlunat BUSMESS Rtsk? um 1 choose one answer a Country ,t b Compettttveness and Core Competenstes r . t c Commerctat x d Currency 1. e. Cuttore x Adetatted exptanattun otthe “Fuur Cs“ ot tnternattonat Bustness Rtsk ts dtscussed tn the workbook C1A Lecture Part 2 (Wurkbuuk page 29) 83 tncorrect Marks furthts SUDmtSStDH UH ‘ Whtch otthe rottowtng ts NOT a rnohuattontorfitmsto tnternattonattzethetruatuecreatton adtvtttes? um 1 choose one answer a T0 take advantage otweak enwonmentat regutattons and tocate productton tacttttesto damage tnternattonat Envtmrtmsrtts / b T0 spread the fixed costs otptoductton across greater untts ot sates tnternattonatty ; . 1 c. AH orthese are matur motwattonstorfinns to tnternattonattze x t1 T0 rattnnattze vatue cleattnn chatns 0f ECIMUES, saakmg the has! 62515 0n snurcés nfmputs and tncamns far pnductlnn amtmd (he wnrld ) e T0 tncrease returns by entertng more markets wortdwtde a Frum tntormatton requtred to understand and somptete the Study Gutde Questton (sect tor 01A tntormatton covered tn Wurkbuuk 01A Lectures [Wurkbuuk pages 12, 21722t % tncorrect Marks torthts submtsston 0/1 5 tn tndta, the rote otthe manager tendsto be newed asthat otan ordergtter or autosrat When managers, espectatty tnternattonat ones, do not take on that autocrattc rote, tndtan subordtnates may questton the competence otsuch supenors, um 1 Answer: ._ 1W9 J Fatse .1 Art excerpt trom The Dance ot shtua tttustrattng one ottne cutturat dtfierences wtthtn the tndtan workptace (see tLearn ttnk "Cultural Fucus (1A) on tndta“t v Correct M:er frtr Mt: etthmteetnn-1F1 ' w IBUSOSWOLFHR: Quiz 1 7 Mozilla Filefox 1 El stflredu hnpsV/l'1earntafatmdu/mnd/qttIz/reviettuphp?amempt:17932 1 Marks turthts SubmlBBlurl.171. ‘ E An example era LLS, merchandrse lmpnrl rs an autemetnle made tn and seld rn Mm t Cheese ene answer, a the Unlted States by a Japanesacumpany, in the Urllted States a b. Dstrult by a German manufacturer; lrllrre Urlltsd States 4' c. Japan bya U.S. camparly: uutslds the United States )t d the Unlted States by a Japanesacnmparly, eutsrde the Unrted States a e Japan bya Japanese cernpany: tn the Unrled Slates ,/ “ , merchandrse lmpnrlS are geeds tereught rnte a Cnltrltry ,When an lndenesran plant sends athletrc shees te the Unrted States, the shees are , rmperts rerthe Unrted States,“ (Texlbnnk Reader page 35, 'lvtedes eleperatrens rn lnternatrenal ausrness't V Correct Marks larthls submlsslnrl'1/1, 7 The Value Added Charn (VAC) rs ateel that rllustratesthe precess erhewrrms ge abuul searchrng enytrenments upstream rer reseurces and mputs, huwtheyseekthe teesl cemparatrye advantagafur places te translerm rnputs rnte vame preducts and Mir-i 1 SEMCES rrlldstrearrl, and IhErl tn dlstrlbute thnsa prudttcts and SEMCE‘S In markets duwrltstrearrl, Answer TmE J False 1' ’ Frurrl rnrermatren requlred te understand and cemplete the Study Gurde Questlurl[SGQ)furC1A,1rlfurrrlallnrl ceyered rn Wnrkbnuk C1A Lectures, (Wurkbnnk pages t2, 21722) W CnrreCt Marks furthls submlsslurl 1/1, E a A multrnatrenal enterpnse (MNE) rs an erganrzatren that rs Mums t Cheese ene answer, a Alarge nen.preht enterpnsethat has eperatrene all eyer the werld t. b. ameng the werld's 500 largest cempanres a c. wrllrng te censrder market and preductren lecatrens anywhere rn thewerld r : d ewned and managed by cempanres whese headquaners are splrt ameng drtrerent ceuntrres x e lrcensed te eperate by the Urllted NallnrlsTrarlSrlatlnrla1 Center a “A mu1tlrla|lnrla1erllerprlse[MNE)takes a werldwrde new er markels and preductren, rn etherwerds, rt's wrllrng te censrder market and preductren lecatrens anywhere m the werld,“ [Textbnnk Reader page 37, 'Typas er lnternatrenal Organrzatrens't $2 lncerreet ml srsu edu https://rleemsrsu edu/mod/quiZ/revlewphp7attemptzl7932 - 1 e amengrhewerrds uurargesreempanres a A 9‘ eat 911 WWW- w IBUSOSZOOLFLIR: QulZ 1 7 Mozilla Firefox c wrllrng te censrder markst and preductren lecatrens anywhere tn the werld ./ . r d ewned and managed by cempameswhese headquarters are splrt ameng drrrerentceuntrres x e lrsensed le eperate by the Urllted Natrens Transnatrenal Center a “A multmatrenal enterprise (MNEttahes a werldwrde yiew ermarhets and preductien, in ether werds, lt's willmg te censrder markEt and preductren lecatrens anywhere m the wur1d“[1tsx\buuk Reader page 37, Types er lntematrenal Organizatrens't $3 lncorrect Marks furthls subrrllsslurl 0/1 9 Whrch erthe rellewrng rs NOT semethmg that makes demg teusrness rnternatrenally drtlerent and mere cumphex than demestrc teusrness dumestlcafly? um 1 Cheese ene answer a Drtlerent currency exchange rates )1 . r b All erlhe tasters makadulrlg buSlrlesS rntematrenally drrrerent and mere Cump1ex|harl derng teusrness demestrcally ./ c Drtlerent cultures, languages, and behavlural nerms x d. Drtlerent legal systems x e Drtlerent ecenemrc systems and 12v21s erecenemrc deyelepment a [See Textbuuk Reader pages 37Afl,Why1rlt9matlnrla1Buslrless Drfieres rrern Demestrc Busrness't W Cerrect Marks furthls SuhrrllSSlurl 1/1 ‘W The mayerrty erlndra's GDP cernes rrern Agrrculture, MIN 1 Answer we I ':‘Fa1se J ’ rhe mayerrty ertndra's GDP cemes rrem sennces 17% Agrrculture 25% tndustry 56% Sennces [Workbook page 321 rrl v cerrect Marks furthls SuhrrllSSlurl 1/1 1 5 3/9/2011 ...
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IBUSQuiz 1 - E IBUSOSZOOLFLIR: QutZ 1 7 Mozilla Firefox \El...

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