MKGT431minitest3 - Mini test3 1 Chun has developed a line...

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Mini test3 1 Chun has developed a line of insect repellent with no bad chemicals in it. She used psychographic segmentation to define her primary segment as environmental activists. Which of the following is the WORST way that Chun could communicate with this segment? Choose one answer. a. Sponsor a tree planting event in the Everglades Swamp in Florida. b. Sponsor a television program on the earth-friendly cable network. c. Sponsor a fishing tournament where the first prize is a sport utility vehicle d. Advertise in the Sierra club magazine, a magazine sent to all members of the environmentally conscious sierra club. e. Create a website for her insect repellent and exchange links with environmental websites. 2 According to your instructor, which of the bases for segmentation is most frequently used by marketers? Choose one answer. a. Psychographic. b. Statistical c. Buying situation d. Demographic e. Geographic. 3 One way to segment markets for business customers is by industry type. This approach is attractive because of __________ which makes it cost effective to measure the number of potential customers in an industry? Choose one answer. a. Salespeople b. NAICS codes c. Local newspapers. d. Cable television e. Zip codes 4 Which of the following is a condition that must be met before you can consider a group of people to be a market segment? Choose one answer. a. They must have a similar VALS profile. b. They must be the same as each other. c. There must be a large number of people in the segment. d. They must be able to communicate with each other. e. They must be different from people who are not in the segment in some meaningful way. 5 The VALS system identifies eight consumer segments based on (1) ____________ and (2) _______________?
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Mini test3 Choose one answer. a. Primary motivation, resources b. Primary motivation, secondary motivation c. Psychographic, buying patterns d. Psychographic, demographic e. Primary motivation, personality type 6 In the three circles positioning framework presented in class, which area represents the area for creating an attractive new position in the marketplace? Choose one answer. a. Points of parity b. Customers' needs c. Our points of difference d. Their points of difference e. White space (opportunity) 7 What was your instructor talking about when he said America likes a Winner and gave those ridiculous - I mean interesting - examples about people landing on the moon? Choose one answer. a. When it comes to positioning, it is only categories of historical significance that get remembered. b. When it comes to positioning, the category is more important than the products it contains. c. When it comes to positioning it is better to be in a small, memorable category than in a large category. d. When it comes to positioning, it is better to hold the position of category leader in
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MKGT431minitest3 - Mini test3 1 Chun has developed a line...

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