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1-The _______________ concept recognizes that there are a set of functions that need to happen in order to move a product from the producer to the consumer? Choose one answer. a. Value b. Channel flow c. Intermediary d. Four "P's" e. Utility 2-In channels of distribution where there are both large players and small players, a(n) ___________, usually the largest member of the channel will assume responsibility for coordinating activities in the channel? Choose one answer. a. Vertical marketing system b. Opinion leader. c. Financial planner d. Channel captain e. System administrator 3-One of the ways intermediaries create value is to? Choose one answer. a. Provide a buffer between consumer and producer so individuals don't feel like they are dealing with a large corporation. b. Increase the amount of money customers are willing to pay for a good or service. c. Decrease the number of transactions needed to create an efficient market. d. These are all ways that intermediaries create value. e. Invest in trucks that are much more expensive than other companies in the channel can afford. 4-In a market with producers and six retailers, the addition of a wholesaling middleman can decrease the number of transactions needed to have an efficient market form 24 to 10. This is an example of? Choose one answer. a. The learning curve. b. Disruptive innovations c. The economy of transactions d. Disintermediation e. Economies of scale 5-In discussing the impact of the internet on channels of distribution, we talked about disintermediation and reintermediation. What do we mean by disintermediation? Choose one answer. a. That intermediaries need to move their businesses from brick and mortar buildings to virtual businesses online. b. These are all examples of disintermediation. c. That the lack of personal contact with internet-based businesses is a turn-off for many customers.
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d. That intermediaries that specialized in functions performed more efficiently by the internet will disappear. e. That in the internet age, customers will insist on dealing directly with the manufacturer. 6-Unlike a storage warehouse, a distribution center is primarily for? Choose one answer. a. Storage b. Transshipment of products c. Climate control d. Reintermediation e. Vertical integration 7-Which of the following is NOT an example of a third-party provider of logistics? Choose one answer. a. A fulfillment company. b. A parcel delivery company c. A freight forwarder d. A design firm e. An export/import firm 8-When I order a book from, an online bookseller, I receive an order confirmation that tells me when my package will leave the Amazon warehouse, the name of the shipper, and a link to the shipper's website that allows me to track the progress of my package from the warehouse to my home. This way I know exactly when to expect my package. This is an example of the use of ____________ to smooth the flow of goods and services through the channel of distribution? Choose one answer.
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MKGT431minitest8 - 1-The concept recognizes that there are...

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