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23.contract.Mann (1) - Behavioral Contracts(aka Contingency...

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Behavioral Contracts (aka Contingency Contracts) Definition: A formal (written) statement of behavioral contingencies, which is negotiated by two or more persons Components: Task : Who: What: When: Consequence : Who: What: When: Other Considerations: All components must be described clearly Contracts may accommodate multiple contingencies Performance criteria and deadlines should be realistic Success depends on control by rules, delayed consequences, and/or various mediators (e.g., reminders); therefore, requires extensive verbal skills Implementation facilitated through client input Mann (1972) “The behavior-therapeutic use of contingency contracting to control an adult behavior problem: Weight control” General focus: Therapeutic behavior management in “normal” adults Difficulties: Discovery of or control over reinforcers in natural settings Measurement of behavior and timely delivery of consequences Solution: Contingency contracting in which Reinforcers are supplied by subject
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23.contract.Mann (1) - Behavioral Contracts(aka Contingency...

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