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old exam - Social and cultural barriers Trade restrictions...

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Which of the following are organzations for profit and provide Capitalism is founded on A partnership is Outsourcing When google opened offices in __ they were utilizing- relocation business Standards of conduct and moral values of a firm Technology has __ ethical issues When target donate 5 percent company is highlighting Macroeconomics Supply curve is a Barriers to entry into an industry are highest in Commonly used measure of productivity Running measure of consumer price changes Four types of unemployment Monetary policy Fiscal policy Country’s exchange rate is based on
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Unformatted text preview: Social and cultural barriers Trade restrictions NAFTA Small businesses owned by women percent Innovations Us francises Franchisor Acquisition Separate windows that contain advertising messages Human skills involve Vision should be Most general planning Types of planning Written explanation of an organization’s business intentions Act of directing others to perform activities designed to achieve organizational objectives Leadership is associated with the ability to Organization’s system of principles...
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