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Exam Day – October 4th Please bring a #2 pencil. Scantron sheets will be provided. You have the enBre class period to complete the exam. Seat yourselves so that there is 1 empty seat between each student. There will be mulBple versions of the exam distributed. Do not copy from neighbors. Indicate the scantron version number on your scantron where indicated. Do not sit in the 1 st row. It will be reserved for late-comers or those asked to move. If you arrive a±er the test begins or is handed out, sit in the front row. All books, papers, devices, ect. must be placed in your bag. Your bag(s) must be closed and placed under your seat. Write your name and RU ID clearly on the front and back of the scantron and all pages of the exam. You will hand in your exam to a designated proctor when you are Fnished. The proctor will check your exam and okay you to leave. Your exam will be graded and scanned prior to returning it to you.
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Key concepts (1 of 2) What is beauty? Preference Prospect/refuge Impelling form Body and propor±on Anthropometrics Ergonomics Sea±ng considera±ons (why we have standards, design considera±ons, choice) Sociopetal vs. Sociofugal Concepts of privacy Proxemics Choice Accessibility
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EDAFall2011_exam1studyguide09272011 - Exam Day October 4th...

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