Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - Lecture 12- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of...

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Lecture 12- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sustained Happiness We have gained freedom from environmental constraints through technology, standardization and specialization Disassociation from the world around us offers enormous short-term freedom, but with adverse long-term consequences Anomie- the state of confusion individuals and society feel about how to act toward their community and landscape Designers must imagine futures informed by ecological science and human needs and offer concrete demonstrations of positive, desirable alternatives to less sustainable environments Three traits (enabling form, resilient form, and impelling form) can give structure to an evolving, increasingly sustainable city that enables the incremental transfer of ecological science, reconnects a conflicted populous to both the environment and community, dismantles institutions that inadvertently hinder sustainable efforts and reinvigorates our anomic politic Enabling Form Sacredness o power of sacred places can spur conservation and restoration (both key to sustainability) and inspire new designs that result in joyful and enduring environments o everyday spots that are smaller and less consumptive, with somewhat higher density, and more mixed uses and more pedestrian-oriented travel Shared experience o Local communities must take collective and calm action about difficult problems that typically spark emotional, knee-jerk reactions o citizens must have shared experiences o must be places that foster special rituals where large parts of the community come together in common pursuit, celebration and observance
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Lecture 12 - Lecture 12- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of...

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