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Lecture 13 - Lecture 13- Satisfactory Neighborhoods People...

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Lecture 13- Satisfactory Neighborhoods People tend not to extend themselves beyond what they feel is reasonable; they are bounded by their expectations and by the range of options that are currently available to them Amenities that are taken for granted tend to be overlooked, while those that are at risk take on exaggerated importance Residents sometimes base their assessments on a stereotype when asked to rate an unfamiliar setting Different subsets of residents tend to use different standards The main weakness of these studies is that they tend to regard residential satisfaction as a measure of a good environment, whereas it is more likely the measure of a good fit between the individual and the environment Ambience Residents mention good maintenance more frequently than any other single quality They refer to the general physical condition of the housing and the outdoor spaces Good maintenance is associated with good appearance, and with safety Tranquility is associated with greenery, low density, lack of crowding, and social homogeneity Some studies, particularly those in center-city neighborhoods, indicate a preference for built environment; intense activity is associated with urbanity, high density, and diversity; also associated with man-made rather than natural features Tranquility and activity are both associated with good looks, walking environemnts, places where there is convenient, adequate public transportation Qualities associated with ambience 1. A place that is clean and well maintained 2. A place that is quiet and relaxing 3. A place that is entirely residential 4. A place that has a definite center 5. A place that is right in the center of activity 6. A place where neighboring homes are close to one another 7. A place that is full of surprises 8. Living here, one can manage without a car 9. A place with convenient public transportation Engagement
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Lecture 13 - Lecture 13- Satisfactory Neighborhoods People...

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