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THE WILEY SERIES IN SUSTAINABLE DESIGN The Wiley Series in Sustainable Design has been created for professionals respon- sible for, and individuals interested in, the design and construction of the built environment. The series is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in design and construction that serves to sustain the natural environment. Titles in the series cover innovative and emerging topics related to the design and develop- ment of the human community, within the context of preserving and enhancing the quality of the natural world. Consistent with their content, books in the series are produced with care taken in the selection of recycled and non-polluting materials. GRAY WORLD, GREEN HEART Technology, Nature and the Sustainable Landscape Robert L. Thayer, University of California, Davis REGENERATIVE DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT John T. Lyle, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona GRAY WORLD, GREEN HEART Technology, Nature, and the Sustainable Landscape ROBERT L. THAYER, JR. @ JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. New York • Chichester • Brisbane • Toronto • Singapore
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viii Acknowledgements of fundamental environmental attitudes that I sincerely hope he forgives me for borrowing and perhaps misusing his term. Gary Snyder-poet, university colleague, and inspiring bioregionalist-has through his poetry, personal comment, and example influenced my intellectual posture and gut feelings about the world more than he knows. His written words (Axe Handles, Turtle Island, The Practice of the Wild, and No Nature) and rooted presence in this region of California are a steadfast inspiration. I also thank the late O. B. Hardison, Jr., author of Disappearing Through the Skylight, for demonstrat- ing in his book the possibility of packing many genuine insights per page on the subject of culture and technology. I can only hope to ever have his nimble facility with ideas and concepts. Others have inspired me not only with their ideas, but also their courage in taking intellectual risks and facing potential ridicule from the cultural status quo; I admire Jerry Mander for taking on the steamroller of technology and being bold enough to suggest that we might not need, nor even want, the supposed benefits of many new technologies; John Lyle for awakening and redirecting the professional momentum of landscape architecture; Wes Jack- son for questioning the assumptions of the agricultural establishment and envisioning a better way to provide our food; and James Lovelock for taking on the entire scientific community with his risky assertion that all life might be collectively responsible for regulating the conditions necessary for its own existence. Perhaps more than any other, I would like to thank Kenneth Boulding, whom I openly admit to be my academic hero. I once listened, awestruck, as Boulding stood up in a Colorado Friends Meeting house in 1973 with his Benjamin Franklinesque presence and articulately discussed the spiritual like- nesses between God and black holes (which astrophysicists had by then started
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Lec2_Thayer_GrayWorldGreenHeart_ch1 - T HE WILEY S ERIES IN...

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