The Value of the Quantity of food

The Value of the Quantity of food - aristocracy. In the...

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The Value of the Quantity of food Quantity is crucial in public occasions due to the social aspect of eating. Less than will kill you and more than is polite. *Myth of abundance in the new country (America) Kings have to eat a lot. In 888 the French King was ousted for eating too little. Gout is a disease from eating too much meat. It was considered a popular disease for the
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Unformatted text preview: aristocracy. In the middle ages, most of the time the hosts put exorbitant amounts of food on the table to show the social status and the importance of the guests. In the 1960’s, speed velocity and thinness became the new bourgeoisie society. Being able to work and not being fat became the new symbol. (Coffee substitutes chocolate)...
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