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Page 1 9/11/11 BIOCHEMISTRY 110A SYLLABUS, FALL 2011 Dr. Miriam Ziegler (course coordinator) and Dr. Thomas Baldwin Course website login: http://ilearn.ucr.edu/webapps/login/ Course Objectives Biochemistry is the science dealing with how biological processes occur at the molecular level, and our primary goal is to begin understanding those processes, using your strong backgrounds in chemistry, biology, and mathematics to do so. We will study the structure and function of the molecules of living cells, with a particular emphasis on proteins. BCH 110A provides the intellectual framework you will need to approach the concepts covered in the other two courses in the biochemistry core sequence, BCH 110B and BCH 110C. A second goal is to become adept at reading and understanding biochemical literature, and reading, understanding, and solving biochemical problems; this goal is addressed particularly in discussion sections. The lab courses, BCH 101 and 102, and the physical biochemistry course, BCH 184, provide a thorough treatment of many of the experimental tools used by biochemists to gain these insights. Note : BCH 110A is a majors course; it is assumed that you have the necessary math and science background to be taking this course. A lot of study time outside class will be necessary (at least 3 hours outside class for each of the four hours a week in class), and performance expectations will be high. Our hope is that by the end of the 3-quarter BCH 110A,B,C sequence you will have developed not only an understanding and a real appreciation of the molecular bases for life processes, but also new knowledge and tools to apply in your intellectual approaches to other courses and to your professions. Instructional Staff Instructor Office Hours email Dr. Miriam Ziegler (Course Coordinator) Keen 1020 , 827-2047 Tues. & Wed. 1:30-2:30 pm, group office hours in Boyce 2476 ; individual meetings by appointment miriam.ziegler@ucr.edu Please email course questions only to Dr. Z, not to Dr. B. (use iLearn Faculty Info link) Dr. Thomas Baldwin CBN 305, 827-3101 by appointment only, CBN 305 (Dr. Baldwin is Dean of CNAS) thomas.baldwin@ucr.edu (put BCH 110A in subject line) Ms. Jacqueline (Jackie) Hubbard Tues. 11:30-12:30; Fri. 10-11, Boyce 4473 jhubb003@ucr.edu Ms. Kathryn (Kasia) McGovern Mon. 9:00-11:00 am, Boyce 2476 kmcgo001@ucr.edu Mr. Srigokul (Gokul) Upadhyayula Wed. 12:30-2:30 pm, Bourns A120 supad003@ucr.edu Peer Tutors: (See "Where to get additional help" on p. 3) Expected Student Background Biochemistry 110A,B,C is a 3-course sequence that provides an in-depth introduction to biochemistry and molecular biology. Students are required to have successfully completed BIOL 5A and 3 quarters of organic chemistry (through CHEM 112C) or equivalent before enrolling in BCH 110A. Biochemistry 100 is an another course available for students who are not biochemistry majors and are
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BCH110A_Fall11_Syllabus_9-10-11 - BIOCHEMISTRY 110A...

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