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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA Assignment Cover Sheet – Internal An Assignment cover sheet needs to be included with each assignment. Please complete all details clearly. If you are submitting the assignment on paper, please staple this sheet to the front of each assignment. If you are submitting the assignment online, please ensure this cover sheet is included at the start of your document. (This is preferable to a separate attachment.) Please check your Course Information Booklet or contact your School Office for assignment submission locations. Name: SIJIA ZHAO Student ID 1 0 0 0 6 6 3 4 1 Email: Course code and title: TOUR 2005 Managing the Hospitality Experience School: Managem ent Program Code: DBTM Course Coordinat or: Gayathri (Gee) Wijesingh e Tutor: John Hopkinson Day, Time, Location of Tutorial/Practical: 12:00pm Tuesday City West BH4-22 Class 22948 Assignme nt number: Assignme nt 3Questio ns Due date:08/11/2010 I declare that the work contained in this assignment is my own, except where acknowledgement of sources is made. I authorise the University to test any work submitted by me, using text comparison software, for instances of plagiarism. I understand this will involve the University or its contractor copying my work and storing it on a database to be used in future to test work submitted by others. I understand that I can obtain further information on this matter at Note: The attachment of this statement on any electronically submitted assignments will be deemed to have the same authority as a signed statement. Signed: sijia zhao Date:08/11/2010
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Date received from student Assessment/grade Assessed by: Recorded: Dispatched (if applicable): Assignment 2 – Questions 1. After reading the article, the liberation of hospitality management education, in conjunction with Study Guide Topic 1, answer the following question. In the context of learning and teaching Hospitality Management education, explain two (2) reasons for the need to include a multi-disciplinary social science driven curriculum that balances the vocational and action orientation with that of a liberal and reflective orientation. According to the article ‘ The liberation of hospitality management education’ (Morrison & O’Mahony 2003), what has been provided is an illustrative insight into a component of the educational process that was designed to inform and stimulate best practice management through the adoption of a broad conceptualisation of hospitality as central to world culture, private, social and commercial lives. It represents an alternative vision of hospitality management higher education that deliberately integrates the specialist vocational within a liberal base. There are two reasons for the need to include a multi- disciplinary social science driven
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OpenFile (8) - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA Assignment...

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