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Dr. Strangelove Response - John Hawkins Expressive...

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John Hawkins Expressive Cultures: Film Bill Simon/Noah Tsika 3:30-4:45 March 4 th , 2011 Dr. Strangelove The establishing shot, an aerial view of the pentagon, gives a strange scope to a famous, cultural landmark. Where, from our normal vantage points as human beings, we can usually only see the part of an edifice or a corner, we now can see the entire structure contained in a single still shot. This scope is maintained in the next shot with a long, high angle shot of the Arthurian round table, with all members of the executive branch or their delegates present. The round table is perhaps the most striking visual metaphor the scene relates, encompassing all that has gone wrong. The provisions of Plan R have allocated near-equal powers to General Ripper as to the President of the United States and now all are equally small under the threats of a nuclear holocaust and the Doomsday Machine. In fact, this smallness pervades throughout the entire scene. In the Shot/Reverse-shot interaction between General Turgidson and President Muffley, the President’s face is often shown in the distance, taking up only so much of the screen. The only character this is consistently untrue for is Buck Turgidson. Often, the camera is set at the table in front of him, a low angle of his
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Dr. Strangelove Response - John Hawkins Expressive...

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