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Accents In Spanish, words with more than one syllable are categorized as follows: Type Syllable where stress falls Example Aguda Last (última) pre – pa - ré Llana/Grave Next-to-last (penúltima) di – fí - cil Esdrújula Third-to-last (antepenúltima) có – me - lo Sobresdrújula Fourth-to-last (anteantepenúltima) cóm – pra – me – lo Agudas: need a written accent when the word ends in N, S, or a VOWEL Accent required: hablé, cantará, canción, comprarás No accent required: hablar, libertad, ciudad Llanas o Graves: need a written accent when the word does NOT end in N, S, or a VOWEL Accent required: difícil, carácter, cárcel No accent required: aburrido, brillante, examen Esdrújulas and Sobresdrújulas: ALWAYS require a written accent estúpido, abrámosla, entrégaselo
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Unformatted text preview: Note: monosyllables do not require a written accent, except to distinguish meaning Eg: mi libro para mí Ejercicio: La sílaba tónica (stressed syllable) de las siguientes palabras está en negrita (bold). Di si son agudas A, graves G o esdrújulas E y pon acentos donde corresponda: La piz ____________ dia metro____________ in mo vil___________ es quis ____________ personali dad ____________ ja mas ____________ an gel____________ can taro___________ a bril ____________ me nu ____________ si laba____________ restau ran te____________ cri sis____________ me sa____________ sin tesis____________ te ma____________ ca rac ter____________ perio dis ta____________ ca lor ____________ televi sion ____________ ha blais ____________ fue rais____________...
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