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Sauces - • Tomato o Modern versions are thickened with...

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M OTHER S AUCES Thickeners Pure starch powders o Cornstarch, Arrowroot, Potato starch, Tapioca, Kuzu Flour o Flour and water slurry o Roux o Beurre Manie Gelatin or agar agar Puree o Vegetable or fruit Reduction Roux Ingredients Fat o Clarified or melted putter o Margarine o Oil o Rendered animal fat Chicken fat Beef fat-Suet Pork fat-Lard Grand Sauces Béchamel (roux) o Milk and pale roux Veloute (roux) o White stock and white or golden roux Demi-glace (roux) o Make espagnole Brown stock + brown roux o Reduce equal parts Espagnole and brown stock to original volume of espagnole
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Unformatted text preview: • Tomato o Modern versions are thickened with tomato paste or puree o A classic version is thickened by roux o Tomato + white stock + golden roux • Hollandaise Step 1: prepare liquid • Heat stock or scald milk The Slurry method • If you wanted to know how to make gravy without lumps use the slurry method o Cold stock o Add ¼ of the stock to the roux, mix well o Heat the stock just under the boiling point o...
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