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After reading the two articles “ Yours is a Very Bad Hotel” and “ Ultrasound Imaging Corp. et al v. Hyatt Corp.” it is clear to say there are severe management issues between both of these companies. The first management lesson, to improve planning skills, directly relates to the Anywhere Arms Hotel customer complaint. In the PowerPoint presentation, an unpleasant front desk employee greeted the customers, Shane Atchison and Tom Farmer. Not only was the employee rude and unwilling to perform any of the main obligations, the employee was not trained effectively. Anywhere Arms Hotel knew they were going to be a couple of rooms short because of maintenance problems. Anywhere Arms Hotel should have had a back up plan for overbooking the hotels’ occupancy. With an effective strategic plan it shows organization skills and would result in retaining VIP customers or regular customers. If a plan had been devised and the employee followed through, the company would have retained two of their VIP members. Unfortunately, that did not occur.
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