RFC #3M - stop while he/she is ahead. Also it would...

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Name:______________________ Student #:______________________ RFC #3 Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas Think about the four approaches to dealing with ethical dilemmas discussed in the text. Below are some decisions a manager may face that have ethical implications. Choose any two situations and analyze them identifying which of the four approaches you use in deciding the ethical dilemmas. Address whether (a) there is a problem, (b) if so, why it is a problem, and (c) given the logic you use in part (b), which ethical approach you are taking. Might a different approach suggest that it is not a problem? 1. A co-worker is having an affair with a married colleague. 2. You know that your teammate is using the company computer for E-bay transactions on company time. There is an issue of the teammate using the company computer for E-bay transaction on company time because it is basically reducing the production labor hours and I would decide to use the individual ethical approach because it is beneficial for the teammate to
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Unformatted text preview: stop while he/she is ahead. Also it would benefits everyones self interest because the teammate would be more productive and improve work ethic. 3. Your former college roommate works for a competitor, and while youre out one night, asks you what the deal is regarding marketing plans for a new product your company is releasing next month. 4. You learn that your colleague is adding additional, leisure-related expenses onto his travel reimbursement requests. There is an issue for the colleague to be expensing leisure-related events because it is taking away from other employees, and the company. It is stealing and very unethical. The ethical approach for deciding what to do would be utilitarian. I would choose this approach because it affects the greatest good for the greatest number of people. 5. A client gives you a gift, right in the midst of an important negotiation....
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RFC #3M - stop while he/she is ahead. Also it would...

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