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RFC 2 - Emily Leung ID 24929690 RFC#2 VW Aggressive Vision...

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Emily Leung ID# 24929690 RFC #2 VW Aggressive Vision 1. Which of the four basic strategy types were used by VW? Explain your rationale. So far VW has used three of the four strategy types to position the company in a more profitable. Planning has taken place by setting goals to pass a company like Toyota. VW has also managed to plan that they will pass Toyota by engineering a car that is based on German engineering and style but is priced to be affordable. They also know they want to increase the amount of styles from 10 to 14 within a five year range. Then VW has organized this plan by finding $1 billion dollars for investment, which was put into a facility in Tennessee. 2. State two SMART goals for VW based on the case. Are these goals attainable? Discuss. Two smart goals VW has established was to create a German engineered car that is stylish and affordable. This decision was a good decision because it is innovative, and it markets towards a specific market. A market that does not care about the brand but
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