Chapter 6 Revision

Chapter 6 Revision - yellow--------....

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BIO100 Life Science: Human Emphasis Name---- Key----------------------- Date ---------------------------- Fill in the blanks: (1 point each) a. a. Bacteria photosynthetic pigments are embedded in – plasma membrane- ----------------------membranes b. Plants photosynthetic pigments embedded in - thylakoid -membrane system c. Chloroplasts are the -- Organelles -- of photosynthesis d. Light-Independent reactions , the synthesis part of photosynthesis can proceed in the dark and take place in the - stroma-----------------. e. Carotenoids are found in all -- photoautotrophs f. --------------------------------, reflect red, --
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Unformatted text preview: yellow--------. orange----------------. Wavelengths g. T.E. Englemanns Experiments conclusion was that bacteria moved to where algal cells released more oxygen areas illuminated by the most effective light for ---photosynthesis--------------------------. h. Heterotrophs get carbon and energy by eating --autotrophs---------------------or one another i. Light-absorbing molecules (photons) absorb some wavelengths and ---reflects---others j. Anthocyanins pigments give many ---flowers----their colors ....
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Chapter 6 Revision - yellow--------....

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