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Socrates’ Dialectical Method Get agreement on what concept is in question and isolate it from any particular context. Shouldn’t we explore together what an “art” is before we decide whether rhetoric is an art? We all know that. Gorgias said that rhetoric is an art and compared the ability to persuade to the ability to paint a great picture. At dinner last night my father said the roasted bull with red wine sauce was a work of art. We all knew what they meant and we all argreed. But if we are going to decide if rhetoric, barbecuing, and other subjects are arts, don’t we have to know what an art is? I guess so. Elicit a definition that is supposed to tell us what that concept really is. Do you agree that every art has a subject matter? Yes, it must be about something. You agree that to practice an art you must learn that subject matter? Yes, so, perhaps an art is a subject that people have tolearn. Set out a range subjects that people learn.
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Socrates%20Dilaectic%20and%20crit%20of%20rhetoric-1 -...

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