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Review for Final Communication 118 Spring 2010 1. The ancient foundations of communication inquiry. a. The institutional setting in which the Sophistic movement began: The public assembly of all citizens, courts made up of citizens and no lawyers, ceremonial speaking, public lectures. b. The Sophistic movement and its beginning in Syracuse. The role of Corax. i. What was this movement? What made it an educational innovation? ii. The two emphasizes of the movement: Trickery and Serious inquiry. iii. What did Athenians on the jury think of Tisias’s court performance? iv. The work of Gorgias. His rejection of truth. He claims to show that language cannot guide us to truth (the “whatever is…” paradox), but language is all we have. His emphasis on the power of words (encomium on Helen of Troy). v. What most the Sophists share: Teaching by learning short narratives. Teaching how to establish probabilities (because truth is impossible) based on connecting ideas that people already believe, Students’ learning is shown by giving speeches that adapt knowledge of subjects to an audience of fellow students. . c. Socrates and Plato. i. What started Socrates’ quest? What did he do that attracted young Athenians? ii. Why did Socrates think rhetoric was a false art – without subject matter? iii. What was Socrates’ dialectical method? Getting a range of examples. Getting a definition that “cuts at the joints.” Rejecting definitions that do not. Definitions are not to be context dependent them should identify What something “really is.” iv. How did his student Plato adapt the dialectical method? The truth as definitions that, “cut at the joint.” Definitions that describe the ultimate forms of things – forms that do not exist in this world, but
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Review%20for%20Final%20Spr%202010 - Review for Final...

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