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Pre-Production Responsibilities of the Cinematographer Talk with the director about director’s approach to the script. Analyze the script Analyze the characters Research the time-period, events depicted, the subject and relevant design elements. Devise a cinematic style and visual approach Bring ideas to director and production designer. Come to agreement on style and approach. Have discussions and do research with technical advisors. Find out budget requirements and limitations. Scout and approve locations Plot position of the sun on locations. Check local weather. Check tide tables if near ocean. Review, discuss, and approve set plans with art director and set designer. Review, discuss, and approve sound stage locations and designs. Review and approve props, picture cars, airplanes, boats, horse-drawn vehicles, mock- ups, and miniatures. Visit film lab to evaluate and set-up procedures for processing film, timing workprints or video workprint transfer, etc. Visit equipment vendors.
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Cinematographer%20Pre-Production%20Responsibilities -...

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